What Happens When a Tooth Goes Missing?

As you probably already know, my dad was a dentist as was my grandfather. Each generation has seen pretty dramatic changes in the philosophy of dental treatment. My dad and my grandfather practiced in farming villages and people would only come to see them when they were ready to get their dentures. It is just […]

What to do in a Dental Emergency – Tips if Dental Emergency Arises

WARNING : This tips are meant to be used as temporary measures until you can see your dentist. They are not meant to address the problem permanently. If posible always consult with your dentist before taking action. IMPORTANT : Visit your dentist regularly since some conditions may progress without pain or visual damage. For any […]

Pearls of Wisdom – When wisdom teeth “decide” to make an entrance!

Teeth Wisdom

Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. There are some people that have enough room in their mouth to accommodate all wisdom teeth in the right place; others never develop them and some people have them so deeply impacted that it is riskier to take them out than to leave them there. The […]