To me, being a dentist has been so fulfilling. Whether I’m helping with a patient’s self-esteem because of misaligned or missing teeth, getting someone out of pain, helping them eat their favorite foods again because they had missing teeth, or even assisting in the diagnosis of an underlying systemic issue that the patient was unaware of, my ability to enhance someone’s quality of life through dentistry is what motivates me.” – Dr. Quinto

Dr. Paul Quinto often hears from patients, “I hate coming to the dentist.” He doesn’t take it personally. He understands the feeling is rooted in fear and anxiety, but also understands that those feelings can change. Through building trust, providing honest information about treatments, and treating each patient with genuine compassion, Dr. Quinto seeks to eliminate people’s negative feelings about going to the dentist. His mission is to make people smile, after all!

A second-generation dentist, Dr. Quinto saw the difference his mother made in the lives of patients in her practice. He saw her compassion and the ease at which patients trusted her. He saw her positive attitude brought home from work every day, and realized the quality of life that dentistry provides is not only for patients, but for dentists as well.

Dr. Quinto completed his dental education at Loma Linda University. Since then, he has stayed up to date on new advancements in techniques and materials in dentistry, in order to give patients the best possible experience. This commitment to education goes beyond himself to his patients as well. He enjoys seeing the “A-ha!” moments when his patients understand what needs to be done and become collaborators in their own treatment.

Dr. Quinto and his wife have two beautiful daughters who are the center of their world. They occupy most of his free time and at their young age, being present for them is his top priority.

Dr. Quinto is not ashamed to admit that his favorite hobby is eating. You can usually find him in the kitchen trying out new recipes that (hopefully) his daughters also enjoy. They are his harshest critics! The best family times are spent in the great outdoors, looking for new adventures and exploring off the beaten path.

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