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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants services offered in Brea, CA

If you’ve experienced tooth loss, you want a reliable, sturdy replacement to maintain dental function and a complete smile. At Smile Design Advanced Dentistry in Brea, California, Oscar Marin, DDS and his skilled team offer dental implants, one of the most reliable forms of tooth replacement. The practice works with Nobel Biocare® Implants, which have the longest tradition and greatest expert support on the market. Call today or use the online tool to book an appointment and find out more about dental implants. 

Dental Implants Q&A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of titanium posts surgically placed into your jawbone to replicate a missing tooth root. Once placed, your jawbone fuses to the implant, providing a base for crowns or implant-supported dentures. 

Dental implants are a reliable replacement for missing teeth. They can replace a single or multiple teeth. You care for them just like you do natural teeth. Implants function and look just like your natural teeth.

Why should I consider dental implants?

If you’re missing teeth, dental implants are an excellent option. The implants offer: 

  • No slipping so you have clear speech and brilliant smiles
  • Improved oral health because they’re easy to care for 
  • Durability so you don’t have to worry about dietary changes
  • Convenience because you don’t have to take them out at night or to eat

Because dental implants sit in your jawbone, they stimulate the bone to grow. This helps you retain the look of your beautiful smile and facial structure. 

Can anyone get dental implants?

You do need enough bone in your jaw and upper palate to receive dental implants. The team at Smile Design Advanced Dentistry might recommend a bone graft first to ensure the successful placement of dental implants.

Healthy gums are another requirement of receiving dental implants. If you have periodontal disease (gum disease), you’ll receive thorough treatment before implants are placed. 

What does getting dental implants involve?

Dental implants are not an instant solution to missing teeth. The process requires a few visits over several months.

At your first visit, the team uses a local anesthetic to numb your mouth and makes a small incision in your gums to place the titanium post in your jaw. After surgery, you go home to heal. 

During the next few months, the implant fuses with your jawbone. When fusion is sufficient, you return to the office for a second appointment. The team takes digital images of your mouth using 3D scan technology. They send these images to a lab to create your restoration. The lab manufactures a crown or row of teeth that matches your coloring, tooth shape, and size. 

Once the crowns come into Smile Design Advanced Dentistry, the team places the restorations. They bond them into place and refine your bite so you’re ready to use and show off your smile. 

To find out more about dental implants, set up an appointment at Smile Design Advanced Dentistry. Call the office today or use this website to book.